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Major Grubert's Travel Reports

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Thailand - Cuba - Brazil - Cambodia - Philippines - Kenya - Vietnam - Dominican Republic

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Current travel reports for single men on CD, download (for PC NEW: Mac!) or read online

Erotic contacts – Erotic adventures in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. Numerous pictures, background information and know-how, addresses, prices and tips

Everything you need to know about the best travel destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Brazil, Cuba, Vietnam, the Philippines, Dominican Republic and Kenya...

True to fact reports, no exaggerations no covering up, first hand descriptions for you to experience.

Never travel unprepared again. Have fun on holiday and save money with a head start…

That’s the best way to do things!!!

The best tips for men looking for enjoyment, about codes of behaviour and warnings for “rip-offs”, about prices and hotel suggestions through to the appropriate addresses and links with further information. The difference, for example, between the Thai “Bar Girls” and Brazilian “Garotas”. Such information cannot be found in any travel guide”. If one is looking for paid sex, then one should leave ones money at the right address, and receive the according service in return. This is pure utopia in ones own home country – quite normal at other locations. Singles-trips and nightlife, erotic tours that earn the name.

The press very often uses terms such as Sex Tourist, Sex Tourism, Sexual Tourism, Sex Holiday, Adult Travel, and Red - Light District, as keywords for dubious reports and documentaries. However, what is the truth about this sector?

The reports are not simply travel guides for single men, they provide information for all those who have always wanted to know how things function – to simply have the best looking girls at ones side when on holiday, at the best destinations for single men. For those who want to experience LUST and not frustration when on holiday.

Keyword “Girlfriend sex”, so why carry on spending your holidays alone? This special information will enable everyone to be in a position to have all the fun in the world. The only thing one has to do is just try it out! The photo-reports are not play-acted, but completely genuine and have actually been experienced by the author. They are not spared or exaggerated; they present the bare facts, together with the better moments and of course the mishaps.

The reports (further reports are in preparation) are not just meant to be a sex guide, they are also meant for all those who at the moment, for what reason or other, do not have the possibility to take part on such an erotic trip. One can also see them as a short but pleasant piece of light reading. This enables one to discover at first hand, what fun looks like outside of the “woman’s lib world”. Of course, one is also allowed to laugh. Major Grubert’s humour is projected by his style of writing.

Please do not make the mistake of letting your wife/girlfriend accompany you to one of these destinations. Any man would only make such a mistake once. Anyone who has seen the faces of such couples down at the pool or during a walk through an “amusement” area, will have quickly realised that “he” is always secretly watching the girls, thereby always being careful, and frightened that his companion might notice. At the same time, he looks completely frustrated and irritated. He could probably keep kicking himself up the backside for not travelling to the place on his own for his holidays. He is right as well! In such a situation, one can forget about having a “sex adventure” under the palms. “She” is looking very uncertain and does not understand what is going on. There are a lot of happy “sex tourists” hand in hand with native girls? They do not look as if they are not having fun... This makes these “ladies” a lot more modest. Naked facts can hurt a lot...





















Guarantee: All girls are a minimum of 18 years of age!
All photos have been taken by Grubert himself.
We categorically reject fakes.

When is YOUR next singles holiday???

You are not a sex tourist, you travel to the Balearic Islands or the Canaries, and in the disco, chat up the same emancipated bitches that you see every day at home?

Alternatively, you fly to the Seychelles, Bahamas, or any other exotic destination. When there you only encounter couples in the best hotels, which makes you feel like the fifth wheel? You are given the side table when in the restaurant, even though you have paid for a twin room.

You live in the “emancipated country” such as your holiday acquaintances do, so why should things be any different to your home country, simple minded, arrogant, and bitchy? Also, when after great efforts of chatting one up, and you find one that she will let you “lay her”, it is probably only because she also has that holiday feeling whilst being far away from home, and wants to be treated like somebody special, or better said, waited on hand and foot. After all, to tell the truth, the hens at home are all little princesses aren’t they? even if they do have tiny sagging breasts and backsides covered in cellulite. The emancipated country is gruesome; men just do not have a chance at all – not really. They are only chosen to finance the ladies comfortable life. One can look at things as one wants, things are just not right at all, we are living in a desert of emancipated bitches. Our society is nothing but:


You are not a sex tourist, no, and you do not want to become one. However, at some time you may just end up there by coincidence, maybe because you fly out there with a friend, to Asia or South America, or even the Caribbean. When on location you suddenly see how nice and easy life can be! Your eyes are opened and you find yourself in paradise. According to the degree of latitude you are!!! So why not travel to places were one is prepared and waiting for us...

Major Grubert, the author of the reports, experienced the same thing years ago. His “wow” experience was made on the island of Phuket. Whilst there, he had a crush on the next best masseuse…. He can thank god that he has enough acquaintances and experienced friends who in the end, saved him from the worst: Just do not make the same mistake as one tends to make at home! That can, no, that WILL get very expensive, and painful... Since he has regularly been spending three or four such holidays a year, and has managed to get around quite a lot (well, compared with earlier days, keyword, Canaries), he has just taken what is good for himself, and simply left the rest aside.

Sounds so simple?  It is so simple!!!


Do not pay any attention to misleading and negative expressions such as „Sex Tourism“ or “Erotic Holidays”. By no means let your fun be spoiled. Some branches of the press use such vocabulary to make impressions with their faked reports, they hot things up just to fulfil the expectations of fuddy-duddy morals! In the corresponding countries, it is completely normal to be together with a girl. During the evening for example, at the reception of a Thai hotel, one is asked with amazement why one is going to bed alone – if this happens to be the case. There is a complete lack of understanding if one is alone during the whole of ones holidays...

But do not get worried, I have never met anyone who has not “woken up” by the second evening at the latest! So, do not be disturbed by such rubbish. By the way: In Thailand and Cambodia, the contingent of sex tourists from the west is very few – one talks about 2 - 3 %. It has always been happening there, and will continue to happen in the future, in these countries it is a tradition that men want to have fun. And they do have fun!!!

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All of the models depicted in this website were over 18 years of age at the time of the photography.
All images on the website comply with 18 U.S.C. § 2257

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